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my 6year old twins,are being testedfor LD by the schools SFL teacher,whom has come back after one week and said no they are not dyslexic,i was refused copies of the actual tests she got my girls todo but agreed to give me her report, she has also agreed that one child is very able at reading but has attention probs and cant stay seated long enough to finish any of her work and that the other is slower but feels its a maturity thing and hasalso witnessed tis child having episodes of not being fully aware ,she does continue to write backwards,upside down ,has not grasped te phonics yet and forgets merely as soon as told .has probs with remembering left to write and has slight issues with co-orditation she hasalsoasked speech and hearing folks tohave a look.right now im so confused as to wat steps to take next!i havedyslexia so has my eldest child 23yrs and 12yrs child it runs in both sides of the family as does ADHD; help

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