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Hi, my wife is a specialist who deals with kids experiencing reading issues. She has alot of success in this area. She is very passionate in wanting to help because without reading, learning is practically impossible. This can lead to dreamy or disruptive behaviour in the class and kids being labelled unruly. I know she checks eye tracking and with movement and various other bits and pieces, she is able to overcome this issue and allow your child to blossom.I don't know the details but you can contact her at:[email protected] have nothing to lose and everything to gain. She'll be happy to talk with no obligation, see if what she says makes sense. Her testimonials speak for themselves and people travel some distances to meet and work with her, thats gotta say something too.At least now you have somewhere to turn, it can't hurt to get in touch.I hope this reads as someone who cares.BestKevin

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