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Your work is commendable. It should help teachers develop more systematic structure of their high frequency word instruction which, in turn, should make more sense for students. And fitting the words into the phonics program is very logical. I will note that a similar approach was developed in 2011 using Dolch Words and the First Three Hundred Fry Words. The order of the words was integrated into the Orton Gillingham order of teaching the phonemes. The words were also divided into decodable (green words) and non-decodable (red words). If interested, you can read about the development and year-long case study of the SWIFT Reading Program (Sight Word Instruction is Fundamental To Reading) in the journal of Literacy, Practice and Research, Vol. 41,#3, Spring/Summer 2016. Not only does the program integrate the high frequency words into a phonics program, but there are flashcards of the words and phrases, assessments, readers, running records and manipulation cards. If you are using the Orton Gillingham method, you can view the program on the ISME website (Institute for Multi Sensory Education) under their digital downloads.

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