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Reading Recovery is not a program- it is a theory on how readers and writers learn. A reading recovery lesson, for the most at-risk learners, is able to be differentiated and tailored to the individual child. There is also word work (how words work, breaking) incorporated in the lesson and should be echoed throughout. There is always work on fluency and that is why every lesson has very familiar books for the child to read and practice their fluency as well as those books sent home each night for further practice. Comprehension is also key and the child is guided to thinking about the story and what makes sense as well as genuine discussions about each book after reading. Again, reading recovery is a theory, not a program, that can be molded to fit into classrooms across all grade levels. It’s the theory that we need to work from a child’s strengths and what they already know to continue to build their knowledge and skills. That we should include all aspects of literacy (reading, writing, word work) into our teaching and lessons because they are reciprocal to one another and help make and solidify connections for the child.

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