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As a special education teacher with 33yrs. of teaching experience, I along with many other special education colleagues have long ago stated most of your recommendations for why students do not learn how to read or sturggle with reading. Many school districts are setting these students up for failure, knowing and unknowingly. You must take into consideration the at risk factors. Ex: How do you expect a child to pass a state standardized test to be promoted to some grades or to graduate from high school and they cannot read or sturggle with reading. You can do test read-aloud based on the IEP, but you cannot read the reading comprehension at all in ELA. When a child says, "I can't read this", what can we as teachers do? We have to follow state guidelines for testing. I know the factors that contribute to non-readers, but very few officials are listening to the teachers. Too many higher-ups have no clue as to what must be done to help these students, and do not want to listen to the teachers who work with these kids each day. Teachers should never be accused of not teaching students how to read. Believe me, we give 1000% of our time to help a struggling/non-reader. My hats off to you and your team for putting forth the reasons I see each day. Keep letting people know the true reasons for non-readers to struggling readers. Thanks!

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