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I am a mom with two children, one is 9 years old and one is 6 years old. Unfortunately, I noticed that in our district public school system, teachers are working hard to teach, but there is too much emphasize into testing, state testing, leveled reading for each grade which puts teachers, students and families into a stressed environment. No one takes into account that the age of the children, the psychological maturity is different among children in the classroom. The test is given the same without any consideration except the Children with IEP. The school should go back to the blackboard era and teach these children for life-long knowledge not for a score on the PARC Test. It is sad that the children are put into a tremendous stressful environment since elementary grades. Please make a new program age appropriate and increase quality not quantity of the material being taught. Give these children time to absorb and retain the information that they are learning. We parents send children to school to "LEARN" not to go like cows through the education system. Think about it between testing in classroom, state testing, holidays, fundraising projects and breaks "How many hours is the child spending throughout the academic year learning? Or how many hours is the teacher just teaching main subjects?"

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