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my 6 year old daughter was held back in k-5, so instead of being 6 and in the 1st grade shes in kindergarten. we inrolled her in preschool when she was 3 years old. she did 3 years there and moved her to kindergarten at a private school at age 6. she didnt seem like she was ready for 1st grade, so i thought whats one more year in preschool matter. now the school board just told me shes still not ready for 1st grade, yes she still cant recognize her alphabets, numbers, colors or shape but her favorite ones. this year she just learned how to write her name in all capital letters. (first name) she has difficulties sounding out most of the letters and words. we are doing the best we can to help her at home, she never seem like she ever wants to go to school. 10 minutes into her school work shes ready to give up. i just dont know what to do, what i can do to help her. i really dont want her retaining again at this age.

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