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These is a great guide to identify specific clues that may be due to a student struggling with dyslexia. As a teacher that is transitioning into a counseling role, I would find this useful for both counselors and teachers. I really enjoyed the bullet point about the student may need more time to summon an oral response or may have trouble to answer quickly when called upon. This is key information that needs to be shared with teachers that a student with dyslexia may need more time to formulate his or her answers. Many times, teachers have a lot of material to get through and not much time. Unintentionally, they may be calling on students and expecting a quick response. Then quickly moving on when one is not given. This would be something I would highlight for teachers and those working closely with the student so they are aware that he or she may need more time when giving answers orally.

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is a great fictional book that discusses the topic of dyslexia. It is a fictional book that follows a 5th grade girl who has always thought she was stupid due to her struggle with academics. A teacher took notice of her struggle and finally had her tested for dyslexia. She then received the services she needed and began to enjoy school much better. It’s a great book to use as small groups or a book study for students.

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