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It is extremely important to understand that reading disabilities and reading difficulties occur on a continuum. Some students may not be at the far end of the continuum and will be more difficult to identify. In addition to this, it is crucial that students with reading difficulty are also supported rather than just students who have a documented diagnosis. “Parents and teachers cannot necessarily count on a formal diagnosis as the only sign of a significant reading related difficulty.” With this being said, it is even more essential that school counselors pair with parents and teachers to work as a team and identify solutions not only for students with reading disabilities but also for those having reading related difficulty. Working as a team will help identify those on the other end of the spectrum who may be skating by unnoticed but struggling more than others. They have most likely developed key resilient characteristics that have helped them get by thus far. However, as school counselors, we can assist in raising their learning to a new level through increased services and support.

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