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When I was in third grade, my brother, who was in first, experienced difficulty in reading. As an adult, I have long realized that his problem probably fell under the category of an LD, specifically dyslexia. He did not like to read, probably because of the challenges associated with it. He did not do well enough at the end of the year to go on to second, and it was highly recommended that he repeat first grade. Today he is successful in his line of work, so he "caught on" at some point. He and I went to the same college, and I remember that we took the same psychology course (he as a freshman and me as a junior). He liked for me to read him the material, so I guess he learned better in an auditory way. Being read to like that would have driven me crazy!
It just goes to show, on a miniscule scale, how different we all are even if we share common blood.

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