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Because it is estimated that about 10 million children have difficulties learning to read, it is imperative that school counselors, teachers, and parents work collaboratively to catch students’ reading difficulties as early as possible. Because not all reading difficulties will be diagnosed as a disability, as a future school counselor it will be my job to be an advocate for those students that are struggling readers and provide appropriate services to get them the help that they need. I was pleased to read the statistic that 90 to 95 percent of reading impaired children can overcome their difficulties if they receive appropriate treatment at early ages.

I was discouraged to read that only about four percent of school-age students receive special education services for reading disabilities, even though according to research it is estimated that reading disabilities likely occur in at least twenty percent of the population. It is important that as a future school counselor I communicate this discrepancy to both teachers and parents and make them aware of the importance of watching for early signs of reading difficulties. I must also advocate for a student that is suspected of having a reading disability to get them the support and services granted to them through the Individuals with Disabilities Act. I really liked the point made that parents and teachers can advocate for students with reading disabilities by trying to pinpoint the nature and source of a student's difficulty, increasing skills levels, and building upon strengths. By working closely with students, parents, and teachers, we as educators can work to help students with reading difficulties at an early age and overcome their difficulties through receiving appropriate support and services.

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