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It is imperative that young students learn to read, comprehend, and respond to informative texts so they can be prepared to read and interpret more challenging texts in their future. The Common Core Standard is filled with helpful standards regarding informational texts . Classroom libraries should be filled with leveled and interesting informative texts, and teachers must learn how to present them to students so that they become a "wish" to read. Boys, in particular, have more motivation to read from informative texts. They are all about factual information! Struggling readers love the actual photographs to talk about and "preview" the vocabulary before they read the text with more success. When I taught, I made sure I had a plethora of informative texts around the topics I was teaching at the time. I had an area filled with science books - butterflies if we were studying butterflies, and social studies books about the cultures of Japan, China, Ghana, India...Think about historical fiction and global reads for a moment...Authors have to research the informative texts before they write the novel. Food for thought...

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